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Cocktails & Dreams Real Estate Podcast

Success and fulfillment do not always go hand in hand. That’s why so many people are caught in the catch-22 of having to prioritize career success over the needs of their loved ones. Although some people neglect their professional development in favor of putting their families and loved ones first. Where do you find the middle ground when you want so much more out of life?

Find out on the Cocktails and Dreams Real Estate Podcast. Join Jeramie Worley and the team as they engage in stimulating discussions with individuals who are on a mission to accomplish both goals while also having a little fun. Get ready for lively discussions that will provide you with useful information and concrete strategies for enhancing your personal and professional lives.

About the Host

Jeramie brings his vast knowledge and experience to the podcast as the host. Since 2006, he has been one of the industry’s top agents, and his book “Myths, Management, & Mastery of Vacation Rentals” has been widely read. Worley Real Estate Network, a global team brokered by eXp Realty, was launched in 2022 as a result of Jeramie’s need to scale his independent brokerage model founded in 2011. He quickly surpassed all others serving the Branson, Missouri region as a leading investment firm and advocate for investors. As a result of their work with STR investors, he is now in demand as a speaker on this subject.

For the most thorough discussion of financial independence and instruction on how to maximize your return on investment, look no further than Jeramie, a highly credible real estate coach and a genuine servant leader. Since he can separate the useless from the helpful, you can trust that each episode will be packed with insights for improving your outlook.

The quality of your life will reflect the quality of your business. It’s only natural that your work would falter if your private life was in disarray. Listen in if you want to advance your career, learn the ins and outs of real estate, and improve your lifestyle. Prepare for total transformation after applying this newfound wisdom.

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