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One of the hot topics in real estate right now is affordable housing and whether or not builders can meet this demand. Right now, 3 million people are turning 30 each year for the next 25 years and the income gap isn’t getting any smaller. We need houses. Not just workforce housing but resorts, hospitality, luxury, and another category growing in popularity is life off-the-grid.

One phenomenal entrepreneur working hard to fill this demand is Chloe Millard. She’s a high-energy, luxury marketing specialist with container home technology that is worth taking a look at. I’ve been in real estate for nearly two decades, and I’ve seen people attempt to solve this niche with container homes, but the challenge always seems to outweigh the effort.

You can’t finance them with Fannie or Freddie or FHA, and in some cases, you can’t get a loan at all. Do they appreciate stick-built homes? Or are they classified as modular? Zoning regulations shut them down all the time because they’re new and different.

Chloe and her team are changing all that. They’re finding a way forward and she shares some of those secrets with us today. You’ll learn about that and have the opportunity to connect with her more.

What I was most fascinated by were two side conversations that I had a hard time letting go of. One, as a first-generation entrepreneur, Chloe and I are both Midwestern suburban-raised kids with no entrepreneurial support group, and we found ourselves in this race to lift our careers among a sea of pirates, tax collectors, and madmen. I mean, take away the security of a well-paying job and all bets are off. It’s hustle or hell-in-a-handbasket and choosing the life of a business owner can be taxing on your spouse and family. I was so thankful that she shared the sacrifices that so many of us have had to endure and don’t ever talk about. She’s made more than a few. And she also shared what life was like as a female founder.

I see this phrase mentioned and even celebrated but if I’m being honest with you, I don’t know why. I’m a dude; to me, work is work. I mean, how much different can it be for a woman than a man in business? So I dug in and asked why.

Wow is all I can say. I have a real understanding and newfound respect for women and the challenges that they face that I will never have to face. She takes it all on with grace, enthusiasm, and style that can captivate a room because she’s smart and experienced; she knows what she’s talking about, which is finally what we need in this niche.

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Chloe Millard | Container Homes – Leave Your Box Behind

One of the hot topics in real estate is affordable housing and whether or not builders can meet this demand. Three million people are turning 30 each year for the next 25 years and the income gap isn’t getting any smaller. We need houses. It’s not just workforce housing, but resorts, hospitality, and luxury. Another category growing in popularity is life off the grid. One phenomenal entrepreneur working hard to fill this demand is Chloe Millard.

She’s a high-energy luxury marketing specialist with container home technology that is worth taking a look at. I’ve been in real estate for nearly two decades and I’ve seen people attempt to solve this niche with container homes but the challenges always seem to outweigh the effort. You can’t finance them with Fannie or Freddie or FHA. In some cases, you can’t get a loan at all.

Do they appreciate stick-built homes or are they classified as modular? Zoning regulations shut them down all the time because they’re new and different. Chloe and her team are changing all that. They’re finding a way forward and she shares some of those secrets with us. You’ll learn about that in this show. We’ll have the opportunity to connect with her more.

What I was most fascinated about in this chat were two sides of the conversations that I had a hard time letting go of. As first-generation entrepreneurs, Chloe and I both are midwestern suburban-raised kids with no entrepreneurial support group. We found ourselves in this race to lift our careers among a sea of pirates, tax collectors, and madmen. Take away the security of a well-paying job and all bets are off. It’s hustle or hell in a handbasket.

Choosing the life of a business owner can be taxing on your spouse and family. I was so thankful that she shared the sacrifices that so many of us have had to endure and don’t ever talk about. She’s made more than a few. She also shared what life was like as a female founder. I see this phrase mentioned and even celebrated, but if I’m being honest with you, I don’t know why.

I’m a dude. To me, work is work. How much different can it be for a woman than a man in business? I dug in and I asked why. Wow is all I can say. For the first time, through her shared experiences, I have a real understanding and newfound respect for women and the challenges that they face that I will never have to face. She takes it all on with grace, enthusiasm, and style that can captivate a room because she’s smart and experienced. She knows what she’s talking about which is finally what we need in this niche. Here’s Chloe Millard of BoxedLuxe Homes.


Cocktails and Dreams Real Estate Podcast | Chloe Millard | Container Homes


Speaking of sailors, it’s like entrepreneurship. It’s like that old adage about sailors like sailors longing for the sea. They’re like bad husbands or bad wives because they want to get out on the ocean because that’s where they love to be. That’s, to me, a little bit like what entrepreneurship is. Even now, I’m experiencing it.

I’m sure you are too from the event that we did and all the business that you’ve got. We’ve talked about this, a certain amount of overwhelm as an entrepreneur or a certain amount of frustration with the inability of your systems to be established as much as you need them to be. I also see you as a person. We don’t know each other that well. We met a couple of months ago in Tampa for the first time.

I feel like I’ve known you forever though and Kelly, I fell in love with your wife. I was like, “This is my new family,” but you’re right. We don’t know each other that well. I just relate to you so much.

I do too because as you said we’re at very similar places in our careers. Also, you’re a safe place to be able to share like, “These are what my challenges are in my business.” I don’t feel like you’re going to judge me in that way. It’s hard to find people like that. Thank you for being that person for Kelly and me, and giving us the freedom to be able to be authentic because that’s what I try to do on this show. I try to be as authentic as possible because I know other people out there need information like we’re talking about

Other people need a Chloe in their lives or a Kelly in their lives. That’s what we hope to do. How do you deal with that feeling of longing for the sea all the time but also being a mom of three little kids and being a single mom at that and having a big business, which I can’t wait to tell people about? Where’s your mind with that? How do you get up every day and do what you do?

Challenges Of A First-Generation Entrepreneur

By the way, your analogy just now really hit me because that is truly how it feels. I’ve spoken on this topic on other shows because the more I’ve learned how to best relate to those people in my life that I love and care about, the better my business is, not only flourish but the more I’m able to connect with them on that level that doesn’t stress them out.

The more I've learned how to best relate to the people I love and care about, the better my business has become. Share on X

For example, I am a first-generation entrepreneur. In my family, they are terrified for me. Anytime I talk about a new business I’ve started or any struggle in my current business, which is so rare. I rarely share because now that I’ve learned in my experience. If you want the people you love most in your life to have the strongest relationship, if they are not entrepreneurs already and they don’t share that love of business like you do and their brains don’t work like yours, it doesn’t mean that they are not a big supporter of yours and still love you.

I’ve learned that if you share this roller coaster with them, these highs and lows, it’s an unfair ask to have them go on that journey with you if they didn’t sign up for it. I’ve learned that the hard way with certain relationships. I’ve learned that the good way is with family. I’ve managed to have much better relationships in my life because I’ve seen people who fill my cup that I can go to when I have challenges. You and Kelly are a great example of that.

I find like-minded people that I feel almost this electric pull towards I can tell you know exactly what I’m going through. I recommend if you’re an entrepreneur, you must feel like you’re on an island. I was on a competition show once for entrepreneurs. Even though there were 60 of us from all over the country, different walks of life, and the craziest businesses you could ever imagine. Someone that objectively, on a piece of paper, I have zero in common with but we connected instantly. It felt like I knew them my whole life or they could understand me more than people I grew up with.

It’s about finding your tribe and knowing that people who don’t understand you, it doesn’t mean they don’t support you, but you have to decipher those relationships in your life. A good example again is when you are building a business, it’s incredibly stressful. You have to have an unbelievable amount of drive, determination, and grit. Sometimes you don’t have them when you start. If you’re meant to be in this world, you build them.

Cocktails and Dreams Real Estate Podcast | Chloe Millard | Container Homes
Container Homes: Find your tribe. When people don’t understand you, it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t support you. You have to decipher those relationships in your life.


I made the mistake of the people I grew up with, the people that I started my life with. For me, it’s an old mindset of money and business. The way I grew up is not the way that I’m raising my kids because I handle money differently. I handle business differently. I don’t subscribe to the traditional 9:00 to 5:00 mindset of working in a cubicle because I can’t scale my lifestyle.

I want to give me and my kids a big life. With all that being said, I tried to still take the same people and same principles with me and to a different stratosphere and that didn’t work. They were very scarce for me, very hesitant. They’re like, “Chloe, are you sure? Why don’t you do that?” All of that doubt didn’t deter me but it sure causes a lot of uncertainty in yourself. It causes a lot of emotional disruption that will distract you.

If anyone is going through this and they feel like, “I thought I had a good idea until I told my parents. Now I feel like maybe I should think about it.” No. I’m a big believer and I don’t brag about any of my wins. Most of the time, people don’t know I’m working on something or I’ve accomplished something until after it’s happened. I like to be a very private person when I’m building and the only people I confide in, you and Kelly are a great example.

It may be people that I haven’t known very long but I’m a huge gut person. I know it when I see it. Until I find the right partnerships or the right business opportunities, I keep searching and I know this method works for me. For someone who doesn’t have my mindset, like my family, that drives them crazy. They’re like, “What do you mean you travel the country and hope that you meet people or you have an opportunity?”

I’m like, “I take calculated risks because I know what I need in my business and also in my life.” I’m now becoming a very emotional, faithful, and grounded person. If you’re chasing a dollar, it’s easy to get caught up in this rat race. You get addicted to the roller coaster very easily. I encourage people to take time to reflect and to slow down because that’s when I found I excel faster. It is when I do take it slow.

A lot to unpack there. Thanks for giving us a cool summary of some of your cool philosophies. I can’t wait to unpack all of these. Let’s go back to those relationships. You’re a first-generation entrepreneur, you say. We’re both from suburbia America. I’m also a first-generation entrepreneur and I had the exact same experience with my family. I learned this very early on. I go to them because they’re the people who care the most for me.

I tell my son, “There’s only one man on this planet who wants you to succeed more than themselves and it’s me.” I tell all my kids that because it’s true. I’m starting to tell other people’s kids about their parents too just to create an honor level among helping kids recognize that, “Your mom and dad are pretty awesome. They love you dearly. Honor your father and your mother.” That’s what it means.

I do and I also honor the experiences that my father and mother had. I honor the level of care and responsibility that they had for me and my sister to raise us and provide a better life for us. The stakes are so high for them because they want a better life. They have sacrificed their life so we have a better one. Here we are like, “I don’t want a job. Are you kidding me?” My parents followed every rule that everyone taught them to do.

They saved a bunch of money and retired early because they saved and did the things. They saved the mutual funds and all that. All the advice that I got when I tried to apply that advice, and when Kelly and I got married, we worked our butts off to save $10,000 and a little bit more than that because I had to borrow $4,000 from my dad to buy Kelly’s wedding ring. It was the first money that I’d ever borrowed from anybody. My dad was the first guy to be like, “Here you go.” I paid him back in the first year and we saved $10,000. We stuck it in mutual funds, then we started paying like $300 a month in these mutual funds, and then in 2001, the market crashed.

On paper, I saw for the first time a young investor of twenty-something seeing all that money go to almost nothing. I lost faith in the stock market. That’s what drove me into real estate. It drove me wildly into real estate because I’m like, “This thing that I was taught that my parents were taught didn’t work.” I realized I didn’t dollar cost average over enough time. I panicked. I looked at the number. I saw why the market dropped. I learned why the market dropped but I never took the time to learn what makes the market go up and invest in the market.

I went to real estate and I stayed there for the rest of my life. There were these other moments even before that when I was in college. I would come home and I would work a job. I’m in St. Louis. I’m working at Merritt’s. It was a call center job doing surveys for Pizza Hut. I got to ask these people 35 questions on Pizza Hut and I’m rated on whether or not I can complete the survey or not. People are hanging up on me left and right.

I got to a point where I had to quit. I had this massive moment. I was like, “I can’t do this.” I went home and my mom and dad were like, “You can’t do that. You can’t quit. You need the money.” I’m like, “I refuse to live this life.” It was the first time where I began to see things differently from my parents. I refused to believe the narrative that I had to trade time for money. I refused to believe in the narrative that if I wanted more money, I had to work overtime. There’s a certain section of my time that was worth more than other times. That doesn’t make sense.

I refuse to believe in the narrative that I have to trade time for money. I refuse to believe in the narrative that if I want more money, I have to work overtime. Share on X

I also realized how stressed out it made my parents when Kelly and I bought our first nightly rental. They couldn’t handle it. It was too much, but at the same time, they helped us so much. They helped us rip out the carpet, paint, and do all the things. There’s a level of commitment and care that our parents have that nobody else can touch. At the same time, we have to choose what mentor or coach we need for the specific thing we’re working on, which is why Masterminds are good because we get a chance to meet people like ourselves and meet people farther along on the journey. It takes the stress out.

We need people who are not emotionally involved in our business to advise us. That’s what I’ve done at least to try to help get to that point and try to be that person for other people because we realize how great of a mentor are you going to be for people? Think about your life in 50 years. What an awesome old lady you’re going to be, seriously.

I love that. That is the best compliment because likewise for you. I aspire to be that prankster who is spending her Saturday nights tricking people in the grocery store. I have always been a kid at heart. No matter how old I am, I always subscribe to that philosophy in life that you get what you make of it. You get what you put into it.

Your story is so beautiful. You describe how your parents come to you and Kelly whenever you need them. That’s such a beautiful family dynamic. That in itself is such a blessing. If we sit and think about it, the families that we have in our lives, whether we have a big family or not. I don’t have a huge family. I have my children. I tell them all the time, “How special is it that have a family that we are born into, but then we also get to pick family? We have a family we get to choose.” My parents are amazing grandparents to my babies and I’m so grateful for that.

Something that I’m so blessed to be able to give them is the more I grow my network, the more I am opening my heart and inviting people into my life. I’m passionate about their success and we get each other and they are my safe space. The more it fills my heart and my cup to bring that into my children as well. I’m infinitely expanding the number of people who love the tiny babies I created because they’re all so incredible and so unique. Every single thing I’m doing in my life is a learning process.

Every single thing you’re doing in your life should be a learning process. Share on X

Everything in my journey now, I’m encountering for the first time. I see as well that it’s one thing to be in a relationship dynamic where it’s mutually loving and you both help each other grow. You work on personal development. That’s what I strive for and what’s beautiful. It’s another thing when you are forced for the first time in your life to do it alone and to figure it out. A little background on my story. I married my high school sweetheart and we had a beautiful life together.

We started dating when I was sixteen and we dated for seven years all the way through high school and to college together. We moved in together. He was my rock. I am so grateful for him because I see now that in every season I have in my life, there are people who come into your life for a season when you need them. For some of us, like myself, you might hold on to them for as long as you can. You’re like, “Don’t leave. I don’t want to let you leave,” but you’re not listening to God who’s gently trying to tell you, “I’m preparing you for something bigger. It’s time to go to your next chapter.”

I came from a family where we were very proudly Christer. We tell everyone we only go to church on Christmas and Easter. That was the house I grew up in. I was an Irish Catholic. I know most people aren’t familiar with the term. I was also born in St. Louis but moved to Chicago when I was an itty-bitty. I met my husband in high school. We both went to Batavia, so Western suburb. We had a beautiful life together and had our family.

The thing is as we went through life and grew, I’ve been a serial entrepreneur for my adulthood. I started dabbling in business startups in my early 20’s and mid 20’s. As you’re going through that, you’re growing so much and you don’t know what you don’t know. As I said, I took my husband on that entrepreneur journey with me because why wouldn’t I? He was on literally everything else.

We were codependent to the T. I was always able to go to him if I had a problem or if I was afraid of something. I truly never address my problems myself. I never went at it head on and I see that now. It’s beautiful if you have a united front, but for me as an entrepreneur, I don’t want to say limiting but I had a lot of my own inner demons that I didn’t have to address because he and I loved each other so fiercely.

What I’m trying to say is I was pretty stagnant in my growth in certain areas. With the current businesses I own, that’s when friction between him and I started because he didn’t want this life anymore. I don’t blame him. That’s what I’m saying. If you’re an entrepreneur, it is a truly specialized life that you are taking on for yourself. If you’re not careful, you can spiral in so many different areas because it’s all consuming and people don’t understand you.

The way about my life and my business, now that I’m living in my true authentic self. it’s bananas. Things have taken off. My days are insane and crazy. As much as sometimes I’m so worn down and I’m worried I’m not going to make it literally and physically. I’m like, “I might have a heart attack. What if I don’t survive?” I realized that I love this. I love this crazy dynamic change, The highs are high but the lows are so low.

The Highs And Lows

I’m now at the point where I am so blessed to be able to say that I finally see that all of my lows were there to help guide me to my true wins and victories. It’s incredible when you can rely on your faith and that gets you through. In my life now, I have so much peace. No matter what happens to me in my day, I have this overwhelming feeling of gratitude. I never would have experienced any of this if I hadn’t gone through the hardest thing in my entire life which was we had to make that decision.

My husband and I loved each other so much. I still love and respect him more than anything. He’s an amazing dad and now we’re incredible co-parents. It was not fair to me to continue to put the pressure on him, to accept this high-anxiety and high-intensity roller coaster of a life. If you’re not careful, you can both harbor a lot of resentment because when he didn’t understand me and he was frustrated, I was frustrated.

If anyone is an entrepreneur and married or in a relationship and trying to make it work. I commend you. It’s very admirable, especially if you have two entrepreneurs together. This is such an experience and a journey that requires so much emotional strength. I feel like I have gone through such an emotional and spiritual journey that has transformed myself and the way I look at obstacles.

I now can handle adversity and challenges so much differently. I’ve taken the biggest risks I’ve ever taken in my entire life on pure blind faith. I wouldn’t say I’m lucky that it worked out for me. I’d say that I owe it to God. I never thought I would be that person because as I mentioned, my childhood of growing up as a Christer, which you believe in what you believe in. I believe everyone has a right.

In my twenties, I didn’t believe in what I believe in now. It has taken a lot for me to realize that that’s what life’s all about. Don’t ever put yourself in a box. That was something that my childhood, the people I grew up with, people I went to for advice and didn’t see eye to eye with me on. Anytime I would change employer, job, or start a new company, everyone in my life was very much like, “You can’t do that. You have to do the same thing. You started in ad sales. You need to stay in ad sales, or if you’re going to go into the medical device, you need to stay in the medical device.”

Don’t ever put yourself in a box. We’ve all been in those jobs that are soul-sucking. You don’t want to get up in the morning feeling like you can’t move. Share on X

I’m like, “No. Why should I offer a system or a person loyalty when they are not offering the same back?” There’s no loyalty there. Anyone in Corporate America now, do not kid yourself into thinking that you should sacrifice your and your family’s quality of life and I mean your real quality. We’ve all been in those jobs where they’re soul-sucking. You don’t want to get up in the morning like you can’t move.

This brings us to a very interesting topic like relationships and jobs. When I was 30 years old, Kelly and I moved to Los Angeles because I was pursuing a creative career and she was supporting me in that. I had an agent and manager. I had a blueprint that I had created so that I knew within two years, what benchmarks I would hit in that acting career.

I hit them all. I had it all, and then I realized, “This is going to be a ten-year plan. Not a two-year plan.” To lock my confidence in place, I told myself, “I’m not even going to think about moving back to Missouri for two years.” I didn’t. Every time I wanted to, I would go to my blueprint. I would look at my blueprint and I would succeed. I said, “I’ll have the right to think about that conversation in two years when I’ve hit all these benchmarks and these timelines.”

I did and I was looking at my daughter. She’d only seen her grandparents twice in eight months. I said, “I would want to take my family through this.” Kelly and I have experienced this at every point in our careers. We had this long-distance relationship when we were in college together. As I told you, I had to make a decision. I had to make a decision when I graduated before her of whether or not I was going to go to Chicago and take improv classes at Second City or I was going to move to Springfield, Missouri, which is not a place that I wanted to move but the love of my life was there.

I went there and started my entrepreneurial journey because I knew I couldn’t get an acting gig in Springfield, Missouri. I started the first thing that I could do. I was in my little one-bedroom apartment thinking like crazy. My mind was racing then here we are, we set off on this journey. At the same time, I’ve got this and I did the same thing with my daughter too, bringing me back to that full circle.

I’ve chosen my family at every stage of the game but also, I’ve dragged my family through every low that I’ve been through in my entrepreneurial journey. I don’t know what to say but I feel misunderstood at times. I feel very guilty at times for them having to experience certain levels of emotion or the human need to outlet or not do anything or being tired or being emotionally on edge like a raw nerve.

I’ve failed many times at being a great dad and a great husband for those reasons. I’ve always been faithful to my wife. I’ve always put my kids first. I don’t have any weird vices but the guilt that I feel for bringing a certain level of emotion to my household is damaging to me sometimes. I get it. I would also say that the book, have you ever read the E-Myth?

Cocktails and Dreams Real Estate Podcast | Chloe Millard | Container Homes
The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It

No, I haven’t.

I highly recommend it to you and anyone because I read this book and I started bawling like the first chapter. For the first time in my life, I finally felt understood by somebody. I didn’t even know the guy. He was the author of a book but he knew the blueprint of entrepreneurship so well that I was like, “This is me.” He categorizes the entrepreneur into the visionary, the manager, or the technician. It’s one or the other. You’re one of the three. You decide who you are then you hire the other two in your job in life to be able to get where you need to go. I realized that I was a visionary. You can write it down if you want.

I realized that I’m a visionary then I immediately brought that book to Kelly. I was like, “Read this.” She’s like, “You’re an archetype. It’s not just you. You’re one of these people.” I was like, “There was this vindication in a way.” The responsibility of managing my emotions and managing my household doesn’t go away. I still have to do that. Also, that’s another problem with our family and relationships. Inside our relationships during these crazy entrepreneurial times, I feel like we get super selfish.

We do that out of major self-preservation because this is your place to go and recharge. Somebody says something to you that’s super close to you where like, “If you said something to me, I’d probably be very polite and super grateful and get my way out of it.” If my wife says something to me, I’m like, “Why did you say it that way? What do you mean?”

The stakes are so high but at the same time, I have nothing to worry about. I’m going to work everything out with my wife. No matter what happens. I know that I am. She and I always have that security. It doesn’t make it any easier when the emotion levels are high. I feel like Instead of being selfish, and I am so guilty of not doing this when I say I’ve failed as a husband or dad. What I mean by that is that I haven’t given enough grace.

I feel like most relationships, especially entrepreneurial relationships, whether both or one are, and frankly, relationships in general. Husbands and wives or partners don’t give each other enough grace and enough acknowledgment. Instead, we’re like, “Why didn’t you treat me this way? I need this so bad,” because we do. We have no margin in our emotions and our lives. Everything is used up. We need people to love on us, give us a hug, and not whatever.

This is my favorite thing to talk about. I’m so glad you brought this up. Something I can contribute as a nugget of learning to this conversation. If you think about it like a car. I know as much about cars as you would think I do. The analogy is that if you’re anything like me, you put things off to the last minute.

You did take an escalated off-roading.

That was not good. I was looking for a car to rent, so I wouldn’t have to put miles on my mom-mobile. I’m flying down with car seats in the back. No kids. Only me and Wendy. I can’t drive.

For people tuning in, I let Chloe stay in my tiny home on these 52 acres. It’s got a rocky road getting to it and the road ends. I’ve even talked to the county about it. The only guy that knows what the road goes through is the county and Google Maps. Chloe, being new to the area, followed Google Maps and got herself into an off-road situation.

I swear there’s someone at Google Maps messing with me because this used to happen when I lived and worked in Chicago when I was starting as a med device sales rep. They put you at the worst hospitals when you’re a rookie because you’re that dog who’s so excited like, “I want to be in the game.”

They put me at Southside Chicago, Cook County Hospital. I would drive to commute. To get to Chicago when you’re in Chicago is an hour’s commute. Getting in to save time, I’m like, “I’m late for this case. Google Maps said I can save time if I get off the highway, exit here, and cut through on back roads.” There are no back roads on the South Side of Chicago. There are just people looking for a young, blonde twenty-something who’s the perfect target.

It was one of those things where anytime I would follow Google Maps to save myself some time. I’m like, “Why are you messing with me?” It was an experience and I’m here for it. I had a blast getting stuck. I try to never travel alone now because I realize I’m a passenger princess in life. I have a very hard time executing details like we’ve talked about where it’s like, “I don’t know what hotel I’m staying at. I’ll pick one when I get there.”

I’m very spontaneous because it has to do with me needing to get things done that are important. I try to organize things based on if I’m the only one who can do it and if it’s urgent. Things like travel, I’m like, “Are you kidding me? People always help you get to the airport and go, can you help me get an Uber or get a taxi?” I’m so last-minute and that drives people crazy. It drives people like friends of mine, back to relationships. I’ve learned certain friends that I shouldn’t invite on certain trips with me because I will ruin their whole weekend.

I’m stressing them out. I always have to say, “Sorry.” That’s something for me that is a very long-winded nugget to this journey. I am such a big believer and advocate now in therapy. I completely changed my life. Growing up as a kid, maybe it’s because I’m a ‘90s baby. Back in the day, it was very taboo, at least in my world, “Why would you go to therapy? That’s for crazy people.” That was back in the day.

How Real Business Gets Done

Now, I’m like, “Anyone who is not doing it, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice because it’s given me such a competitive edge.” I mean it because a lot of what you were talking about. I love that you can be so vulnerable and transparent like me because that’s how I feel real business gets done. If you can be vulnerable enough to put on the table and say, “Chloe, these are my weaknesses. These are things that I struggle with. If there’s a problem that arises and you and I get heated. These are honestly some of my triggers. If you could avoid these, that’d be great.” That’s how I operate now.

Real business gets done when you can be vulnerable and transparent. Share on X

We all have our baggage. We all have things that have traumatized us. I’ve learned that trauma doesn’t have to be this horrible and significant World War III event. It can be something as simple as you were crying and needed someone when you were a child and they did not come for you. You now have told yourself that when I need help, I don’t matter. Certain things that happen in childhood.

That was something that I was talking about. I had demons that I didn’t know about and I didn’t address. It’s like inner turmoil in my inner child. All of this stuff that we’re talking about, I still can’t believe it because I used to have all of these guards, all these walls up saying, “Inner child, do you hear yourself?” The reason it’s important to talk about how we judge ourselves is because until I realized what I was doing, you have to dissect an emotion.

For example, if we walk through a scenario of you getting triggered by something like if you’re arguing with an employee. As you said, you’re like, “It got to me and I snapped.” If you think about how you react to a situation, walk through it and go, “I got heated over that. I’m not sure why but now I’m left with this inner rage or disconnect. I can’t do any good. I need to figure out what this is about.”

When you experience things like that, it’s almost never an isolated incident. That is a signal to you that there is something that you still haven’t worked on. Until you realize that, it’s going to continue to come up and be a roadblock for you. I saw that a lot of my own inner trauma, which I had a significant amount and I’m good at stuffing it down but it was holding me back. It was keeping me sad.

The guilt that you talk about, I feel it tremendously. When you ask me, how do I do it being a single mom of three and running two companies? I don’t. I’m blessed to have people around me to help and every single day, I’m still trying to do everything. I’m still trying to get it all done. I can have it all. I can cram it all into 24 hours. I can make sure my babies are loved, happy, and feel fulfilled, my nanny, my family, and my business partners. Everyone is happy and I’m changing the world too.

In the middle, I’m like, “I want to solve poverty. I want to solve affordable housing. I want to solve all these things. I still think I can do it.” At the end of the day, what I’m working on now is telling myself, “You can’t and that’s okay. You can’t do it today but they’re still tomorrow.” For myself, learning how to chunk things out has made a huge difference but knowing where I stand emotionally because my reactions can hurt people.

When I realized that, I had no ill intentions. It was like someone said something to trigger a painful response in me then I ended up feeling like, “Why would you say that or why would you do that?” When I took a step back, I realized like, “That person didn’t have ill intent. It was the way I perceived the message or I translated that completely wrong.”

When you start to step out of your own shell and come out of your own head. You start to look at the world and think about other people and not yourself. You think about your faith or whatever you believe in. The point is I didn’t finally feel that peaceful transformation until I truly put it all down and laid it to God. For me, that was what worked. I said, “I want to do good. I want to be better. I’m not chasing a dollar anymore. I’m seeing other people that are genuinely hurting. I want to heal so I can help them.”

When you start to step out of your own shell and come out of your own head, you start to look at the world and think about other people and not just yourself. Share on X

That has fulfilled me in more ways than I can ever imagine. It’s created genuine good like our relationship. I genuinely feel like we finally connected because I got myself to a place where I was more capable, productive, emotionally centered, and strong. Emotional intelligence is such an asset that I encourage anyone, whatever you have to do, to carve out that time even though it’s painful.

The first six months I went to therapy, I thought it was such a waste of time. I kept telling myself, “There’s no point. I’m in such a bad place now. The love of my life is not going the way I thought it would go. This is horrible and just disastrous.” It’s so fascinating to me when you learn about psychology. That’s what gets me excited. I love knowing how things work.

Psychology And Emotions

For me, on my journey currently, a lot of it was psychological and emotional. It was me seeing the world I was in and feeling so scared. I’ve never been more terrified in my life than I was in the last three years. Going through what I went through and being a new single mom of three. Any of us who are now finding ourselves as single mothers, we are now part of the most welcoming loving community and club that we never thought we would join. It’s something that we never planned on doing but life happens.

If I ever need to get a job done or problem solve or I have a real huge challenge that I need to tackle, I bet on a single mom all day because we never get the chance to fail. We get chances constantly. We don’t have the option to fail. For me, failure is never an option. I have three amazing babies, two daughters, and my little man. I realized I never answered your question. I got married when I was 23. Whenever 2015 was. I’m in my early 30s now.

We had a beautiful marriage. We have a beautiful family and now we have a beautiful co-parenting relationship that took on my end too. For me, it was a lot of effort, work, and personal growth. It was so worth it. A lot of things in my life now, I have enough data to work with over the last 32 years. A constant theme of mine is change is always happening, whether it’s internally me changing or the world around us. We all need to adapt. That is a very old mindset that you need to stay in a box and do the same career, do the same job, stay with the same friends, or stay in the same hometown you grew up in.

All of these values, I’m very conservative and traditional. I’m a mama. I love the old world. I’m in the South now, Dallas. I love Texas. For me, all of these things that I love, a lot of them are old values that don’t work for me and my family anymore for me to stay in the same job and do the same thing. That means I’m going to miss a massive opportunity to help people because as I grow and change, the world does too. People that I could have helped five years ago as we go through different economic climates. Different world policies are changing. There’s a new opportunity to pivot and then attack a problem with a new solution.

Cocktails and Dreams Real Estate Podcast | Chloe Millard | Container Homes
Container Homes: As we navigate different economic climates and evolving world policies, there are new opportunities to pivot and attack a problem with a new solution.


Let’s talk about some of that. Let’s talk about the problems you’re attacking.

Entrepreneurial Challenges

As a serial entrepreneur, BoxedLuxe Homes is my sixth startup, and I’ve dabbled in entrepreneurship because as I said I’ve always been fascinated with how things work. For me, whenever I have a natural curiosity, I love feeding it. I started my first career. I graduated college when I was only twenty. I got my undergrad in three years because I was hungry for learning. I wanted to follow my boyfriend, so I skipped a grade so I could keep up with him.

When I started my career, I started in ad sales but ultimately went right into pharmaceutical sales for several years then ended my career. I was in medical device sales in pharma for about a decade. During my time there, I specialized in building teams and surgical device sales, which helped investors that we deal with now. Some of them remind me a lot of surgeons, their mindset, and how they think.

As a very young woman and young employee, I had to learn very fast how to craft and refine my bubbly 21-year-old personality to be able to keep up with some of the most intense and no-BS surgeons in downtown Chicago who were inundated with sales reps. I was younger than some of their kids. Why would they ever listen to me?

Early on, I learned these skills to build a lot of assets for my companies. BoxedLuxe Homes came about because when I was living in Chicago, I was in one of my medical device jobs. As soon as I started having children, I started seeing a problem in the industry I was working in. What I mean by that was my very first baby that I was more excited than anything. I was in the OR and the company I was working for at the time was, long story short, I ended up winning two different pregnancy discrimination lawsuits from two different huge companies.

That was crazy to me on a couple of levels but not crazy because what it boils down to is there is still injustice in the world. Plenty of black-and-white things that should never happen in the workplace, they happen constantly and people are always shocked to hear that. I’m like, “It shouldn’t be that shocking.” The reason people don’t hear about it is because, in my experience, I’ve seen a lot of women like myself who tend to be more affected by some of these things.

We also tend to be the most quiet. For whatever reason, I don’t operate that way. I’m very glad but when a lot of these things are happening to me, I can’t describe it but this fire shot on. I immediately fought back, which is why I was successful in a couple of different winnings. I symbolically took the winnings from those lawsuits and used them to acquire my first businesses. That was my first time.

Can we take a detour for a second? I want you to help me and all the guys understand a little bit about what it means to be a female entrepreneur. We hear about it. It’s celebrated sometimes. Maybe not often enough but I don’t have the understanding. I desire to know, so help me understand some things and challenges that you have that I wouldn’t.

I appreciate that so much. First of all, any woman you see who’s an entrepreneur or at any of the circles that you and I run in, BA, or your Mastermind with agents too is impressive. Anytime you see women in those spaces, already those women have accomplished so many unbelievable hurdles that I wouldn’t know what it’s like to be a man. There are a lot of things I’ve seen that we always have to put forth a little more effort and operate with a chip on our shoulder and still have a smile and look nice doing it.

What does that mean, operating with a chip on your shoulder?

For me, the chip on my shoulder comes from being so young when I entered the workforce and was so hungry and eager to learn. I shot through college with an undergrad in marketing professional sales and a minor in entrepreneurship. I was so eager to please and work for someone. I always had this huge layer of professionalism. I tried so hard to be accepted by men. I only wore black.

I was constantly being critiqued on how I spoke. I remember I had one college professor who would always make fun of me for being so nice, like being too bubbly and too friendly. Also, true for what it’s worth, I realized that being a blonde woman in business, I use it to my advantage as a joke where I’m like, “I know my blonde is showing. I’ll put you in touch with one of my partners.”

The thing of it is, some men, I realize in the OR very quickly, I look like a dumb blonde and ditzy until I started speaking. I could command a room because they’d know what I was talking about. A chip on my shoulder as in, I operate myself knowing that there may be biases I can’t control. Instead of playing the victim, being sad and saying, “This isn’t fair. I deserve equal.” I know what I deserve but I also am not going to be naive anymore.

I know there are things out of my control. Even if something is illegal or isn’t right, I am not going to be naive enough to think that it won’t happen. All we can do is best guard ourselves but it still happens constantly. Some examples of being a woman in any business or any space, I was shocked by how prevalent things like sexual harassment and actual assault are. I’ve had male co-workers because all the companies I’ve ever been in, even currently, are male-dominated spaces.

It’s because I love that energy. Men are very direct. A lot of my clients, a lot of my partners. I love it because I’m so transparent. I’m the biggest supporter of women. It’s a huge initiative I have now. We all band together but there are a lot of women out there who, like myself, are hurting, broken, and have a lot of things that they don’t know what to make of it. There are not a lot of resources out there, which is why I love being so loud about these things in hopes that maybe I can help and reach someone.

Once you realize that you have the ability to hold yourself back as much as anyone, if not more. If you start protecting yourself and owning who you are, you can not only get further but you can be prepared to combat things. One of my biggest challenges sometimes is the thing I love most about myself is my intelligence. I can’t tell you how soul-crushing it still is if I have a new client or a partner who’s a man and they decide to do business or a deal with me. It’s such a compliment.

By protecting yourself and owning who you are, you can not only go further, but also be prepared to combat challenges. Share on X

I get so excited because I think, “He values my intelligence. He liked what I pitched, and what I presented.” This is an amazing affirmation and validation for me that I’m onto something and I’m doing a good job. I’ve had way more than one occasion happen when after the contract is signed or that deal starts, that individual would start making very inappropriate comments, passes, and moves that put me in uncomfortable situations.

After you’re in business like in an LLC together.

No, so I’m smart and I try not to do things like that. I keep a lot because I’ve learned so much. I’m so quick to trust. I’m not going to change who I am but I am going to add layers to protect myself. I will trust until given a reason not to, but I still am very big on keeping everyone at an arms-length distance from my actual business because I owned and operated during the pandemic.

I had employees when everything got shut down and I have a little bit of PTSD from having equity share partners or permanent staff on the payroll. What I do is I’ll do deals where I would bring on clients for contracts and they would be three-year agreements but it would be a paid client relationship. No joke, I’ve had several male partners illegally cancel a contract. They stop paying. It’s a breach of contract because I would not sleep with them. It would be very black and white like, “If you don’t meet me at this hotel then I’m not doing this.”

On a phone call or a text?

On a text. The thing is anything that you want to litigate, you can. A text message is actual documented evidence. That’s proof. Anything that someone puts in writing or what I struggled with and medical device, what they do to get around is they have conversations. You can’t legally persecute them. I don’t know how I was able to think of this, but it was an instinct because I was pregnant and about to get fired. What they didn’t understand is when you are expecting as a mother, you have hormones that put you into that protective mama bear. You can flip a car if someone’s trying to come between you and your baby.

Hearing that as I was about to go on maternity leave, I was going to be fired if I didn’t take a demotion or do what they wanted. I was like, “Are you kidding me?” I had so much rage and fought back. I was able to protect myself but with all that being said, it still would happen. You are left wondering like, “Excuse me, how could that happen?” You have to figure out what to do.

What I did was all these conversations that he had saying, “I’ll fire you then.” I had no way of proving that he said that to me.” He was someone well-liked and respected. It was like, “What do I do?” I went home and I typed up a huge email documenting everything that was said and sent it to him. He didn’t respond, but I saved it.

When I hired and retained counsel, which by the way, I called five attorneys that day. All five wanted to take my case. The one I chose was a woman that I trusted so much. She took me in like, “Oh my gosh, girl. I’m going to get this. This is disgusting. I’m so sorry.” The other four were men. I’m sure would have been great for my case, but she’s incredible. Her name is Amy, in Chicago. I love you if you’re tuning in.

She took me on and we were able to fight back because I had documented that stuff. I wasn’t quiet about it, but a lot of the things that will happen in business, people do it that way. Anyone out there that’s tuning in, women specifically, if you are being improperly treated, whether it’s the workplace or otherwise. A lot of times, it’ll happen by word of mouth so you can’t prove anything. It’s in my experience.

I document. I’ll put it in emails. I’ll take journal entries work, but it’s unfortunate that you have to be prepared for stuff like that or if it is happening to you. You have every right to fight back. I used to dwell on that pain so much. I used to wonder, “Why does this happen? This isn’t fair. Why?” What I have started doing that has been so healing is instead of going, “Why me?” I think, “How can I use this or why does God want me to experience this right now?”

It takes the emotion out of the pain. I started to think, “This is going to help me somehow.” I put logic to it that’s calming for me. When I can problem solve, I look at it like a math problem, even though I was never good at math. I don’t want anyone thinking I’m over here like a mathematician. I’m very analytical. I like breaking things down. It gives me peace and comfort.

Anything you can do to help settle any emotional turmoil you’re going through, chase that. Even if people around you say, “That’s crazy. Why do you tap a pencil?” Do whatever makes you feel better. When you’re an entrepreneur, you get used to that. I was like, “All the stuff that I told myself was crazy before, I’m going to do it and see what happens.” You get to the point where you’re like, “I’ve tried everything else. Why not be crazy?” This is the happiest I’ve ever been.

Anything you can do to help settle any emotional turmoil you’re going through, chase that. Share on X

Thanks for sharing all that because I had no idea. Those things seem like movie things to me. I have no awareness of those things happening to people.

You would never be the guy to do that. That’s the thing. In every woman, I’ve never talked to a woman who’s ever been like, “I’ve never had an inappropriate experience with a man at work.” Every single woman I’ve talked to has been like, “That’s happened to me.” There’s a stat out there that 1 in of 4 women have been assaulted by a coworker.

It’s higher but there’s a lot of women. When I was going through it in med device and pharma, I was shocked at how many women came to me. They were like, “That happened to me too but I was too afraid to say anything.” Often, I would be the one who had to quit companies because it was too uncomfortable to work there anymore. Anyways, you’re amazing for asking.

Container Homes

Thanks for sharing for sure. Let’s take the remainder of our time and talk about your business a little bit because I know people are going to see the container home words in the show description. Although what we’re talking about is so much more important, I hate to say.

You’re right, it all connects.

I don’t mean to diminish the importance of what you’re doing with container homes because it’s solving a lot of problems like inventory issues and the speed to which we can bring inventory to the market, affordable housing issues, which people are blaming on a variety of different things that are not affordable housings fault like short-term rentals. Short-term rentals get a bad rap. “They’re taking up all the inventory. People are renting it all out.”

Interest rates are extremely high and have been high for a long time. Overall, government policies aren’t helping affordable housing to happen. Somebody has to solve it. Entrepreneurs are the smartest people to be able to do that. Entrepreneurs are always smarter than the government and always will be smarter than the government. Thank you for tackling this issue. Talk to us a little bit about your business but first, can you talk about some of the myths that you’ve dispelled with container homes then maybe tell us about what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. Go for it.


Cocktails and Dreams Real Estate Podcast | Chloe Millard | Container Homes


Anytime I tell anyone that we specialize in new construction using containers, they go, “Do you mean tiny homes? That’s amazing.” Not at all. My brand is the polar opposite of that because it was born out of trends I’ve seen in the marketplace. Honestly, my own natural curiosity and love for this space, and seeing so many problems and challenges in the market that weren’t currently being addressed. That’s how I think as an entrepreneur and how I launch businesses.

I see a problem and I’m like, “How can we fix this? How come no one is doing anything?” I found out the reason no one was building container homes yet is because it was incredibly challenging to solve a lot of the issues at play. I spent the first year of my business breaking through a lot of city ordinance codes. A lot of the ways these are financed and landed on, and finding out why people couldn’t get financing for container homes. Finding lots of ways around it and loopholes like, “Fine. How can we construct these better so they’re seen as permanent steel structures?”

Every objection I’d ever heard about building a structure or a home out of containers, I went, “How can I address all these objections?” First of all, the myth that container homes are small is not true. We literally can build anything. People go, “How?” You look at the size of the containers. Those are our Legos. I love playing into anyone’s creativity or inner child and go, “Remember when you were a kid, you can think of anything could build with Lego. You build up and see what happens.”

Cocktails and Dreams Real Estate Podcast | Chloe Millard | Container Homes
Container Homes: The myth that container homes are small is not true. We can literally build anything.


The same thing with containers. We can fabricate them which means cutting the steels or the sides in any way that our client wants to achieve the desired result. A typical container that we use the most is an 8×40 which is 320 square feet. If we have a client that says, “I want you to build me my dream home. We want it to be 6,000 square feet and we want a rooftop deck. We want a pool built out of containers. What have you.”

We go through a design process and we can do that. However, we are not wanting to be looked at as the container home builder. Our bread and butter is taking on cool big projects with investors. The way we like to play is to do all investor deals because we are here for partnerships. I’m here to solve world problems and help people. In doing so, I know with my marketing background, I use my luxury marketing firm that I built to exclusively power all of our marketing and pitch decks and media kits.

I know the power of taking a concept, a vision, and bringing it to life to speak to these investors and win contracts. It has been mind-blowing how impactful that is. Before I came along, the team I built, which I have amazing partners in this space. They are so talented and produce such beautiful quality construction but they self-admitted that they don’t know how to market, like, “Chloe, this is beautiful what you did. We have no idea how you can do that so fast.”


Cocktails and Dreams Real Estate Podcast | Chloe Millard | Container Homes


I am beginning to see the true value and assets in honing skillsets and knowing where you can fit into a solution. The bright people like you’ve talked about that you can build around you to help you get way faster and farther than you could ever do alone. Myth number one, they’re not small by any means. Something we’ve already touched on is myth number two, we now can finance these. The greatest benefit to container homes is not only are these looked at the same as new construction, the way we build them at least, but these are the exact same thing as a regular house.

I love doing restaurant concepts and pickleball. It’s one that we’re building. People don’t realize that just because a container is used in a container element, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to still be real. We have real plumbing, real heat, real electricity, and real AC.

They’re like, “How does that work?” I’m like, “It works the same as your house. The same thing, but you do need a container expert.” We have Brandon. My boys are a container expert who knows all the specialty hookups. Not only hookups and how to put your standard utilities in a container home but also the layout of these homes. People want to downsize. I will always love bougie luxury. That’s me, but a lot of people see and agree with certain elements of having a reduced footprint.

That’s a big passion of ours too. Streamlining your home because now trends, especially when you look at our demographic of who our current home buyers are. There is a huge shortage of homes and inventory as you know and we have more buyers than we do available homes. I’m a Millennial. People think Millennials are still the young folks out there. That’s not us. That’s a different generation as you know. That’s Gen Z, Gen X, and whatever Gens they are. They value experience.

I’m Gen X.

They’re Gen Y and Gen Z. I know. Look at you.

No one stands up for Gen X but me. Careful.

I always make that joke because Millennials are usually the ones that are getting the brunt of like, “That dumb thing that happened was Millennials.” We’re not the young people anymore.

Millennials will save the planet.

Thank you. That’s what I’m saying. We’re overworked, exhausted, and stressed out on the verge of a heart attack. We’re not the ones out there making problems.

Millennials are the ones that are changing the old narratives. I listened to my parents. That’s what I did, then I realized that some of those things that my parents taught weren’t true as I had demonstrated earlier in the conversation. The majority of Millennials graduated college. They also listened to all the advice. They graduated college and there were no jobs. It was like, “This is all a big lie. What about weed or cannabis? This is all a big lie. What about like government and the way laws are created? This is all a big lie.”

It’s like this is completely influenced by the government. I’m hoping that the Millennials change the world because when it comes to Gen Z, like my kids, they’re going to change a different part of the world because they’re going to grow up. They’re going to be the representatives, the state legislators that have grown up not being able to digest gluten or soy or nuts. They’re going to be like, “Food companies.” When the sons and daughters of food company executives are dying because they can’t digest gluten, things will change but not until then.

We’ve seen a lot of documentaries like Food Ink, that documentary. You vote with your dollar every single time you go to Walmart. Whatever you buy, that’s what Walmart orders more of. When people are ordering organic cage-free eggs, that’s what they’re going to stock more of. For the most part, people don’t because it’s so expensive to eat healthy. Sorry to jump all over your side.

I love it. We want to be clear for all the Millennials out there and Gen X, but you didn’t at all. With all of that being said, I’ve learned that I can’t only build and design for things that you and I like or I like, or I think is cool. We want to produce for current challenges and problems in the marketplace that we are very passionate about addressing because the thing is when you build with container homes, we can reduce costs and building costs. That’s one of the biggest barriers to construction now.

Cocktails and Dreams Real Estate Podcast | Chloe Millard | Container Homes
Container Homes: We want to produce for the current challenges and problems in the marketplace that we are very passionate about addressing because when you build with container homes, we can reduce building costs. That’s one of the biggest barriers to new construction.


That’s a myth that I have heard, so it is true.

I hear it all the time, so it is a myth. However, it’s a myth with us and other reputable container builders because we’re not the only ones. I love working with other container home companies but it’s a myth because you can save and reduce costs if you know what you’re doing. The people that tell you, “We like to do it. It’s just expensive.” If you don’t know what you’re doing or if you are going to hire a firm, there are design firms out there for container homes that I originally looked into and contacted.

The pricing that they were quoting was more than I was expecting because I was expecting to do what I’m doing now, where I could build a home and have a profit because I’d be building it in-house myself. If I didn’t have that structure in place and that team behind me, I couldn’t do that. That was another a-ha moment for me, where I’m like, “I can figure out how to save costs. That’s how we can address affordable housing.”

What I mean by that and this is special to my team, is I’ve gotten my partners who happened to own their own development companies. They’re also builders. I’ve gotten them to believe in me and my vision and join me. We’re family now, but they buy into thinking like an investor. That was something that was such a compliment I felt that they trusted me enough to change their way of thinking about business and seeing that if we want to do good and make a difference and do nonprofit, which is my biggest passion and reason for starting this, but affordable housing specifically.

We now are looking to work with local governments and cities. A lot of them have programs in place already to help address the affordable housing crisis and may either give grants or tax incentives for building at a reduced cost. My guys and I would willingly take a cut in our profit so we could put out a unit that was affordable for starter families now.

Affordable is any home that is instead of 250, it’s like 375. That’s what’s considered an affordable home. I still feel like that’s far too high. My partners and I have the ability to reduce our costs on certain projects such as this. That way, we have the ability that instead of 375 for markets like Texas, where we’re at, we can list homes at 220 or 230 and build them in beautiful communities. That is something that is currently on our books and our radar. Another myth that we get a lot is, “You can’t like to build these anywhere. It has to be in trailer park communities or mobile home parks.”

Do you get zoning issues?

We get zoning questions all the time. We offer a turnkey service for our investors. That’s another way I see these container homes get messed up if I’m being honest with you, horrible execution. People that are in it for the money, which you can see clearly now like, “Give me a few hundred grand. I’ll build you a container home.” No offense to good contractors out there. I’m talking about people who are going to get scammed.

If you have the desire to build a container home and you’re like, “I’m going to do it myself because that’s who I am. I try to do things myself, so please.” I say, “Go for it.” I will direct people to Etsy where to buy designs to try to do it themselves. I will warn you that when you do that and you want to hire the cheapest contractor, there’s a reason for that. Be prepared to either be scammed or have it not work out then you think, “This concept is trash.”

No. We’re executing it in a way that we are working with the city. We are working with our community because we do marketing and PR campaigns throughout construction. For big investors or corporations that either want to do affordable housing or want to build for their brand, we say, “If you have a development going up and you want us to bid out container homes to show you how much money we can save you, you would be doing so much better for your environment and your community because we’re passionate about reducing waste.”

This reduces a lot of waste in construction. There’s a lot of tax incentives for that. We try to be a full partner throughout the process where we help you find and identify your land. I use my marketing company to do PR blitzes on, “Worley real estate is going after affordable housing. We’re going to pre-sell units. Get ready,” or “Can you believe that they are solving this crisis in this community and they’re doing it with a reduced eco-footprint. They’re doing it with containers. It’s a very green project.”

Things like that, I know the importance of that, especially in politics. This concept is so favorable for so many people. It’s so hot in so many directions that our biggest problem is knowing which projects to do first because we want to do this the right way. I don’t want to go after the super luxury bills and focus on making as much money as possible when that’s a goal for a lot of people. I challenge my team to have a healthy balance of profit but also nonprofit.

Have a healthy balance of for-profit and non-profit endeavors. Share on X

We have very big goals and initiatives that we want to take on for a lot of different causes that are big and near and dear to our hearts. That’s going to evolve as we grow. We’ve also been in talks with multiple video production companies for a reality show for this because we’re so passionate about getting our message out there. I’m someone that hates being in the spotlight but I’ve realized that I have a gift of not being uncomfortable in the spotlight.

There are so many incredible people that I’m blown away by but they’re terrified of public speaking. My goal is to take their stories and their messages and try to speak for them. Be a voice because I could care less about where my face is. If I can reach someone and change someone else’s entrepreneurial journey, that is what’s driving me. The path that I’m on is a path of helping women. That’s something that I’ve fallen in love with giving back and sending the elevator back down. I’m so passionate about spreading an infectious energy of there’s no competition here between any of us. Only collaboration.

You have that. I picked up on that big time. How can people connect with you? How can they follow you?

I’m on Instagram. Please feel free to find me at @ChloeMillardOfficial. The same thing with Facebook. I never check anything. Also, fair disclosure, my little ADD brain, I sometimes will take forever to get back to somebody, or I will talk to them forever. Please feel free to connect and reach out, especially if there’s anything I can do to help or even connect people to resources they’re looking for, I’d be happy to.

Is there anything else that you want to share before we adjourn?

I’m so grateful to be here and thank the world for what you’re doing. Honestly, this is impressive and fantastic. Thank you for having me.

Thank you. I appreciate you answering the call when I put this event together. I am incredibly thankful that you drove seven hours and had these wild adventures in Branson that I hope you never forget. More good things to come because we’ll be doing some business and hopefully, doing some cool things together that align with your values and mine, and making the change that we want to make.

That’s beautiful. I agree. Thanks. This is fun.

A big thank you for tuning in. I know your time is valuable and I hope you got a few takeaways that are going to help you get a greater return on that time. I know you will. If you did enjoy it, I’d sure appreciate a share or a comment. Feel free to subscribe for instant access to new episodes and offers. There’s also a ton of free content and ways to learn more and engage more at Until then, we’ll continue to bring you recipes for success and real stories from real people who like you, are living your divine purpose. God loves you no matter what happens. Don’t give up.


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